Automate. Simplify. Extend.

CRMRepos™ is a report automation tool that powerfully augments your existing CRM system.

CRMRepos from isolvIT uses your existing CRM reports and gives you unprecedented abilities to automate, format, and distribute reports – saving time, adding reliability, robust security, and extensive auditing features.

Automate Your Reporting
Before CRMRepos excel reports were manually formatted and distributed each time the report was run. CRMRepos gives you the ability to format reports in advance, save your settings, identify recipients, and schedule future report runs--freeing your time for more important endeavors.

Executives will enjoy customized and timely distributions with reports that are print ready. Sales representatives can receive 'just' their leads, by using one CRM report and applying run-time parameters when the system runs your scheduled report--with no interaction from you.

CRMRepos makes your reports even more dynamic and user friendly, product sheet:, CRMOD

Simplify Reporting and Distribution
CRMRepos empowers your users to schedule reports and have the system automatically post them securely for external access, or encrypt and distribute them automatically to one person, or a group of people, in the file format that works best for them.

Extended Security
Data security and the challenges of encryption and secure delivery are also a thing of the past. CRMRepos provides you a comprehensive way to manage, create, and deliver unique report passwords for encrypted reports, easily, from within the system itself.

Extended Audit Functionality
Our system also provides you the ability to optionally archive a copy of each report run as of the run date, providing transparency and protection for your business during audits -- which can help your company avoid expensive and potentially damaging legal action. This also eliminates the need for end users to save reports, centralizing storage and reducing exposure and storage requirements.


  • Automate recurring reports and deliver them securely, on time, and to the right individuals
  • Leverage one report for many different constituents
  • Create print-ready, formatted executive reports
  • Export analytical data in the format you need, without limitation
  • Archive reports at a particular point in time, for future reference
  • Monitor Compliance

Featured Highlights Include:

  • Encrypt files and send them securely from within the system
  • Deliver files via email or via web access (a.k.a. 'self-serve')
  • Save files as virtually any format, including: XML, XLSX, XLS, PDF, and CSV
  • Automate reports that pass parameters, vastly improving operational efficiency; excellent for lead distribution and management
  • Format MS Excel reports, and save those settings for future report runs, including: ‘fit-to-print’, filters, sorting, freeze rows and columns, and header and footer customization
  • CRM Format (report formatted on CRM) pass-through
  • Send customized emails for use with each scheduled report distribution
  • Report schedule management; schedule multiple times each day, every 15th day of the month, etc
  • Report history analysis: see who’s received which report, how they received it, and when
  • Optional report archive, saving reports as of their run date, for as long as you like
  • User and password management and notifications

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“CRMRepos from isolvIT creates consistent, repeatable and reliable automated reporting out of Oracle CRM on Demand.  Not only do we have unprecedented control over output formatting and security, we also created credible report consistency that our end users can depend on.  It’s a much better customer experience for our end-users.  At the same time, we are freeing up resources to work on higher value tasks.  It is hard to imagine that we had two resources trained and dedicating part of their time to doing weekly and monthly reporting, one acting as a bck up for the other, where we can now leave that important, yet mundane work to automation.”

– JC, a customer at large Boston-based financial services company