No Contract. No Risk. Lots of Options.

First, let's review the subscription options of CRM Suite.

The cost estimator at the bottom of the screen was designed to help you find the best subscription plan for you.  You can enter your own data, or use one of our (small, medium, or large) sample usage data sets as a baseline and then adjust the fields you need to, to reflect your situation.

You'll find a little 'information bubble' to the right of each sections title, that contains explanations that will further explain the data fields that appear there, and how they are used. 

After you enter your information and click the submit button, a comparison table will appear that shows you exactly what it would cost you (in USD) for pay as you go vs. a pre-paid bundle usage plan -- using the data you provided. 

Now, let’s talk numbers.

Which Plan is Right For Me?

Monthly Pay-As-You-Go Plan:  If you don't run or distribute a lot of reports each month, or if you think you'll be running only a few reports initially, consider the monthly plan; you only pay for what you use. Please keep in mind you are charged a flat subscription fee plus usage charges, which includes a charge for things like: each time you run a report, each time you refresh your CRMOD Instance (per language), and each time a web link is utilized. Be sure to speak with your sales representative to review these charges.

Monthly Prepay Plan:  The Monthly plan is great for companies who do not need to issue a check for payment, or who have established a large number of reports and/or are distributing reports to a large number of people.  Your monthly plan also saves you money through report bundles that lower your per report and access costs, and storage is free with your plan.

Yearly Prepay Plan:  The Yearly plan advantage, in addition to the ability to pay by check for your subscription and report bundle -- is that you lock in your monthly subscription plan price for the duration of the years plan.  As with the monthly prepay plan, you also enjoy a lower cost and free storage.

Remember, regardless of which plan you choose, if your needs change, you can always adjust your plan, for each subscription/instance.