Simple. Flexible. Budget Friendly.

CRM Suite is a flexible subscription-based SAAS solution, with two core subscription options.  Our standard multi-tenant CRM Suite solution is available through either a:  

Monthly Pay As You Go ("PAYGo") Subscription

This plan was created so you can play with our solution, using your CRM system, and not some generic sandbox data used in most demonstrations.  You pay a base fee, plus usage costs incurred, based on how many transactions you use during your month-long subscription.  This option allows you to experience the best practices our Customer Advisory Board has developed, in your environment.  You have access to virtually every feature we offer, as you build your use case – and you can upgrade at any time.

Prepay Bundle Subscription

Bundle plans are tiered, offering you the flexibility to start small or go all in.  Your prepaid yearlong subscription includes features not available to PAYGo users, including:  unlimited documentation and report history storage, system inventory download capabilities, and more.


After you complete and submit the new account registration form, you will be logged into our system, and walked through the cursory account setup. 

You will also receive an email from that will provide you access to, and information about, our system.  Please add that email address to your 'safe sender' list so you don't miss any important updates.  

Once you click submit, it will take a few minutes to setup your account. We're not just opening your account, we're validating your credentials, setting up your administrative user, and (in some cases) preloading your information to save you time later. While we do that, the screen will grey out for a few minutes.

Here we go!  Open an Account Demo

Click here to continueClick the arrow link (to the right) to open your account, and/or click the red video tutorial icon above to learn more about the process.

Information You'll Need to Register:

  • Time Zone: Used when you schedule reports in CRMRepos.
  • Instance Name: Enter the 'nickname' or 'friendly name' you use to refer to your instance.
  • Instance Code: We need the information between the words 'secure-' and '' in your CRM's URL.
  • CRM Version #: This version number is part of our security check.
  • Staging Server:  Check if you are using a CRM Staging Instance (or pod).
  • IP Filtering: If your company uses IP Filtering, you must select this checkbox. If you're not sure, check with your CRM Administrator.
  • Preload Reports: Check this, and we'll preload all your instance information. If you use IP Filtering, leave this blank so your CRM Administrator can make the adjustments s/he needs to make, and you will populate your CRM Suite after you log in to our system.