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After you complete and submit the new account registration form, you will be logged into our system, and walked through the cursory account setup. You will also receive an email from that will provide you access to, and information about, our system.  Please add that email address to your 'safe sender' list so you don't miss any important updates.  

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While most of the information may be self evident, we don't want you to have any surprises so here are a few key points of information that you'll need:

  • Time Zone: This will be used when you schedule reports in CRMRepos.
  • Instance Name: Enter the 'nickname' or 'friendly name' you use to refer to your instance.
  • Instance Code: We need the information between the words 'secure-' and ';' in our example, we put 'X's' there to help you see exactly what we need.
  • CRM Version #: This version number is part of our security check.
  • Staging Server:  Check if you are using a CRMOD Staging Instance (or pod).
  • IP Filtering: If your company uses IP Filtering, you must select this checkbox. If you're not sure, check with your CRMOD Administrator.
  • Preload Reports: Check this, and we'll preload all your instance information. If you use IP Filtering, leave this blank so your CRM Administrator can make the adjustments s/he needs to make, and you will populate your CRM Suite after you log in.

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Once you submit your new account registration form, it will take a few minutes to setup your account. We're not just opening your account, we're validating your credentials, setting up your administrative user, and (in some cases) preloading your information to save you time later. While we do that, the screen will grey out for a few minutes.

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The missing link. You absolutely need this.

We love CRMDocs! Let me explain why. The business runs our OnDemand CRM and lacks the IT discipline to properly document the customization, workflows, layouts and so on. With CRMDocs, we can easily integrate with IT applications because we have documentation to make it easy to understand fields that have been re-purposed and dynamic layouts, default values, workflows and so on. So not only are we now in control, we are better partners with IT, and we're better able to train our end-users. This would never have happened without this tool. In addition, the developers at isolvIT are good listeners and product feedback is not only valued but also acted on. It's a great partnership and offers value far beyond the cost.”

– JC, a customer at large Boston-based financial services company