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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a live demo worth?

Oracle® (SFDC) / CRM on Demand (CRMOD) has a mature client installation-base that has invested thousands of dollars and man hours to customize the solution to meet their needs, and to optimize ROI.

As system utilization increases and business needs change, CRM Administrators are constantly challenged to find unused fields and streamline operations. The amount of time dedicated to inventory systems, to maintaining a complete map of their system, and to responding to evolving report requirements and distribution -- is extensive. A mature SFDC/CRMOD system inevitably leads to critical discussions about how the administrator can stretch the capacity of their system, without buying more system, or moving to another solution all together.

Are you running out of fields?
Is your system field inventory out of date?
Have you inherited managing the system, and you’re overwhelmed by trying to figure out the meaning of field values and input/output processes?
Do you pay a third party solution provider to encrypt confidential reports?
Do you wish your reports would magically run by themselves and arrive in your executive team’s inboxes, beautifully formatted and print ready, encrypted, with customized messages - and always on time?

How much would it be worth, if we could make that all go away?

What if with a single click, you could create a system-wide, completely cross-referenced blueprint of users, fields, layouts, inputs/outputs, and more? If your blueprint could be updated real-time, and on demand, while you go get a cup of coffee? If you could document all your custom fields for end users, and be able to see everything a field touches, with a click, from within SFDC/CRMOD? If your reports could arrive magically formatted, encrypted, and on time for every user -- and all you have to do is set your reports up once.

You can.

Register for an online demonstration of our CRMSuite that will show you all the features of CRMRepos® and CRMDocs®, and how these products augment your existing SFDC/CRMOD system, and resolve these issues. Our online sessions have been scheduled to accommodate your time zone, worldwide, and use Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) for audio, to simplify the experience; land-lines are also available.

Customer Testimonial

“CRMRepos from isolvIT creates consistent, repeatable and reliable automated reporting out of / Oracle’s CRM on Demand.  Not only do we have unprecedented control over output formatting and security, we also created credible report consistency that our end users can depend on.  It’s a much better customer experience for our end-users.  At the same time, we are freeing up resources to work on higher value tasks.  It is hard to imagine that we had to resources trained and dedicating part of their time to doing weekly and monthly reporting, one acting as a bck up for the other, where we can now leave that important, yet mundane work to automation.”

– JC, a customer at large Boston-based financial services company

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How to Cancel
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Simply enter your confirmation number and your email address in the cancellation section of this page, and it is done. Just remember to sign back up for another demo that fits better into your busy day.