Inventory. Document. Simplify.

CRMDocs™, part of our CRM Suite of products, is a system inventory, documentation, and optimization tool for your CRM System.

CRMDocs inventories and cross-references your customized and Oracle CRM On Demand, in real time, with a single click.

Regardless of attrition or faulty documentation, you'’ll never again spend time ‘re-discovering’ how your system is configured, how many fields you have available, or how your company wants a field to be used; CRMDocs helps you extend your system and improve your return on investment (ROI).

No other product out there works like CRMDocs.
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Gain Certainty
Automatically inventory and cross-reference your objects or record types, fields, page layouts, workflows, related information, users, roles, and CRM. Quickly identify unused fields or misleading field designations in summary, and detail.

Gain Clarity
Capture metadata on key characteristics of objects, fields, and forms: types, users, workflow participation, how the element should be used in your business environment. This information will appear in help screens for users, and in richly detailed reference information for administrators within CRM.

Gain Control
Centralize your document storage for additional supporting documents. The ability to link to those documents from different layouts helps ensure that users always have the information they need, no matter where they are in the world.

Gain Standardization
Standardize the look and feel of your new layouts, specify what information you require when you document a field, or use templates to dynamically gather all the values used by pick lists as reference when you create a new pick list.


  • Optimize your use of workflows
  • Improve system performance
  • Inventory your implementation for end users and administrators, and store that documentation in a centralized location
  • Find hidden resources, for example fields
  • Reduce administrative costs
Featured Highlights Include:

  • Administrators discover a complete inventory with a click:
    • How many fields, page layouts, or workflows have been created to date
    • How many fields are in use
    • Where your fields are used
    • Which fields have feeds in/out
    • Which users or roles have access to fields or layouts
    • How many fields you may still create
    • In which workflow rule or action these fields exist
    • Original or customized object names
    • Which trigger events are associated with which workflows
    • A complete list of CRM Reports
  • Document your system:
    • Define online help for end-users related to page layouts, fields, and related information
    • Link to supporting documents you've uploaded to our unlimited centralized documentation library, from within CRM
    • Administrator online help links to a completely cross-referenced view of every piece of related information

CRMDocs is included in each subscription of CRM Suite, for early adopters.  

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Saves Hundreds Of Hours Of Work

CRMDocs provides excellent insight into Oracle CRM On Demand system set ups. With our 100+ roles, 100s of layouts and 1000+ workflows, CRMDocs makes it easy to determine which role are using a field on what layout and whether a workflow is being triggered based on it. Prior to CRMDocs, we were keeping track of some of this information manually in a huge Excel spreadsheet which was inconsistently kept up to date. Not the way we wanted to manage a multinational single instance implementation. CRMDocs pays for itself in the time savings in being able to know what the set ups are and how proposed change the businesses using CRM.

The people at the company are friendly, super responsive and frequently enhance and upgrade the product based upon customer input. CRMDocs is the best product that I have found in supporting our Oracle CRM On Demand implementations.”

– BT, a customer at large global provider of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial and commercial applications.