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CRMSuite contains powerful modules to help you master (and tame) your CRM system: CRMDocs™, and CRMRepos™.

  • CRMDocs:
    • Create a System-wide, Cross-referenced Inventory
    • Document Online Business Processes
    • Develop System Usage Instruction and Documentation
    • Utilize a Centralized, Cloud-based, Supporting Document Library
    • Simplify and Standardize Layouts
    • Product sheet: Salesforce.com, CRMOD
    • Click here to learn more about CRMDocs

  • DocCompare, powered by CRMDocs:
    • Compare two instances, bi-directionally, to see exactly where the discrepancies lie, before your next refresh
    • Requires a subscription for each instance

  • DocExport, powered by CRMDocs:
    • Download virtually all system information to an Excel Workbook
    • View all information, just those elements in use, or filtered results
    • Annual Subscribers Only

  • CRMRepos:
    • Automate Your Reporting; Streamline Operations
    • Simplify Reporting and Distribution
    • Extend Security
    • Expand Audit Preparedness
    • Product sheet: Salesforce.com, CRMOD
    • Click here to learn more about CRMRepos

  • Slice and Dice Reporting, powered by CRMRepos (optional):
    • Deliver business critical information, like lead, opportunity, service request, and custom object reports - to only those individuals who need that information, when they need it, as soon as it comes in or of age.
    • Product sheet: Salesforce.com, CRMOD

The big picture.
There are so many features, we thought you might enjoy stepping back and looking at the big picture of what our CRM Suite can do for you. Enjoy this conceptual overview of our 'Mastery Tools,' and watch as we add video tutorials and other media to our site.

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